Welcome to San Diego’s Hardscape cleaning specialists.

Have you ever thought you could do something to make your house look and feel like it did when you first moved in or when you first got your interlocking pavers installed? You can!! We offer many services and can repair and clean just about any hardscape surface you have a problem with. Your driveway looking worn down by the weather or too much traffic? Let us give your interlocking pavers a little R &R; Repair & Restoration.

We are San Diego’s leading repair and Restoration Company. Serving all of San Diego and surrounding areas since 2010. Don’t be shy and give us a call to set up your free consultation at 619-449-2011. There will be smiling faces behind the phone when you call. We will be more than happy to set up your consultation and answer any questions you might have for your repair or your high power, deep cleaning. The system that we use is a towable unit that gives the ultimate high power deep cleaning with 4,000 psi, a rotating washer that gets up to 250 degrees. We’ve invested in a top of the line hot pressure washing unit with built in water recycling Eco’s system. We want to assure the best results for your home and its surroundings. The reclamation unit allows us to recover, filter and reuse the water preventing runoff and the large quantities of water typically used in pressure washing. This is similar to steam cleaning your carpets. We use pre-heated water and steam to remove years of dirt and everyday wear. Your pavers will be Thanking You for letting them shine and be protected from the elements and the occasional spill of motor oil, Transmission fluid, food stains and various other stain makers for years.
In combination with our new wet sand hardening system and color intensifying commercial sealer, it’s the perfect solution for happy pavers again. It is the perfect solution for a rejuvenated look of your inter locking pavers and your home that the neighbors will notice.
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