Child’s Guide to Understanding Daily Living


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An educational tool creating a teacher-parent bridge to progress the child’s understanding their financial cost of daily living. It requires the child to do the math to determine their cost of daily living.
My great grandson, a very good kid, is living with his disabled grandmother. When he was 12, he purchased his own cell phone from his saving. He started using is as toy playing games. He got addicted, used all the family minutes and had his phone was taken away. The family was given a computer. Using his grandmothers’ “card” he ran up a $135.00 charge purchasing $10 – $15 games so he and a friend could play duel games.
I tried talking to him about family financing. He said “in school we have a class about savings”. After questioning him, the class didn’t teach him anything about what his cost is of daily living. I told him it cost roughly $85,000 – $90,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18 years old. By having him do the math of his share of the monthly bills, he proved to himself.
Working together we came up with CHILD’S GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING DAILY LIVING. All income goes to Daniel Nelson’s college fund.
Trademark co-owned Daniel Nelson and James Pope Because Daniel is underage, he cannot own a trademark.

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