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Close Your Loan in 20 Days or Less


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Why LoanLock?


Regardless of whether you’re refinancing or buying, we provide a clear and concise breakdown of your loan transaction upfront. Never pay credit check, application, or lock-in fees.


Your state licensed Loan Advisor is your personal concierge throughout the entire mortgage process. They are focused on you and your specific goals.


We use fast and secure technology to provide you with as close to a paperless experience as possible. We care about your experience and the environment.

We have one goal: Deliver a stress-free loan for every borrower, every time.

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Our Process


Call (916) 579-7701 to discuss the various program and rate options. Once you’ve chosen the best option, you can simply apply over the phone or securely online.


Upload loan documents like pay stubs and tax return documents so we can quickly review them for anything unusual. Once things check out, you can lock in your low rate!


Most documents will allow for electronic signatures, but some will still require some good old-fashioned ink. Everything can be sent securely back to us online for final loan approval.

Who is LoanLock?

LoanLock is a premier mortgage lender headquartered in sunny Southern California. We lend in multiple states across the nation and assist everyone from first-time homebuyers to seasoned real estate investors. As a direct lender, we process and underwrite your loans on-site, so approval decisions are faster. Although we offer many different loan programs, here are some of the general types of loans we offer to the public today.

  • Fixed Loans - 30, 25, 20, 15, and 10 YR terms available
  • ARM Loans -3, 5, 7 and 10 YR initial fixed terms available
  • Jumbo Loans - Loans to $3 million available
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